The mobile tactics game Summoners War has over 70 million players. The secret of success is the tactical gameplay. In an arena, as a summoner, you battle an opponent and use combinations of various minion creatures. Each of these beings has different powers, each associated with an element. As with the good old stone-scissors paper, the right combination determines victory or defeat. Depending on how many times you win in the so-called sky-arena, you will rise in rank and can thus participate in tournaments.

Summoners War is a successful strategy RPG game for mobile devices. But soon there will be a mobile MMORPG to the colourful fun. The planned mobile MMO was presented with a new teaser at the Korean G-Star trade fair. In Summoners War, you’ll face opponents in the Sky Arena and defeat them with a combination of summoned monsters and minions. Each critter has certain qualities, strengths and weaknesses. According to the good old system “stone, scissors, paper (lizard, spock)” certain creatures can fight particularly well against other critters. This gameplay has been a great success so far, bringing in over 70 million players and over $ 500 million worldwide. There were also big tournaments and even world championships in this game, and here we are sharing Summoners War Promo Code for our readers.

Summoners War World Arena Championship

These tournaments are not just an end in themselves in Summoners War. Rather, there is a lot to gain, especially in the beginning of the biggest World Cup tournament Summoners War World Arena Championship. The world championship tournament starts with the regional pre-decision tournament on October in Paris in the theatre and cinema “La Comedia”. There the 16 best players from Europe meet and fight for participation in the big final tournament in the USA in November. Besides, there are decent prizes: A total of 5,000 US dollars waving to the winners of the preliminary round, the grand finale is a proud 50,000 US dollars massive.

Summoners with ambitions on competition honour and gold treasures beware! A few days ago, the mobile publisher Com2uS announced that it would create its own world championship for the Free2Play Mobile Game with the Summoners War World Arena Championship. Players around the world can compete in big tournaments in a total of nine cities in Europe, Asia and America to nail their ticket to the final in America in November. In addition to the competitions at the nine locations, there is also an online qualifier for the Middle East, Latin America and Australia.

Participation is worthwhile, because even before the final, in the $ 50,000 prize money waving, are already another $ 50,000 for the preliminary decisions in the prize pool. Also, all players who sign up for the tournament will receive an in-game reward. Anyone attending the Summoners War World Arena Championship can do so on the official site of the tournament .

The date for Europe stands

Now the date and place for the qualifier for Europe are fixed: on October 7, the 16 best European players will meet in the “La Comedia” in Paris to fight for the grand finale in November. The Free2Play Mobile game relies on tactical Arena fights with groups of minions. Their elements decisively determine victory and defeat, depending on the nature of the enemy. Mastering the stone-scissors-paper principle makes a good summoner. In the so-called »Sky Arena«, players compete against each other to rise to the rank of importance for the tournament.

The mobile game Summoners War lets you play exciting tactical arena battles on the principle of stone-scissors paper. There is even a World Cup called “Summoners War World Arena Championship 2017” where there is a lot of money to win. But what is it about Summoners War?

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