Super Smash Flash 2 is a classic game and has many more characters in his battle. it is considered as one of the biggest game that ever never getting bored and it is also still be worked on today. This game has the option playing against the computer and playing against your friend on the same computer. The most and ultimate matter in the super smash flash 2 unblocked game is that the characters. Super Smash Flash 2 Donkey Kong is characterized with the image of monkey and his heavy weight and his large size. He was the most in danger character in the game.

He stands up continuously in the smash game with his heavy weight. He has the capacity of getting percentage in the blink of his own eyes if anyone’s came near and get clumsy with his grasp. He is known for his greatest strength and long reach. He is having the ability of jumping even he carried heavy weights.

Donkey Kong makes use of his full strength, pulled his arms anyone stands before him and get a damage point of about (19-20%). when he slamming down the arms means it will get invisible and get a damage point of about (14-18%). while, he claps his hand and raise above his head marks the enemy and attacked them and earned for this (18%). if he gives strong and hard punch means getting of grade is (2-4%).

Donkey Kong has the special moves like Giant punch, Spinning Kong, Head butt, Hand slap and Ok punch. These are the punches that will help the donkey Kong to perform and possible of getting the damage percentage marks by hitting the enemies.

The first special move Giant Punch explains his crushing fist. Donkey Kong will enable his punches to the style of blinking his eyes to the enemies, to charge a powerful punch. At the spin of 10, the punch will be more charged and the hit gets in a massive changes.

The second special move is Spinning Kong which spins around like a helicopter, and damage any restrictions that in his way. It is called as the moderate move, but it has been hitted on the opponents the points will increased. The third option is the Head butt, this is the best move that the donkey kong had. Using the heads the Donkey Kong hits the opposite enemy and gets more grade points.

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