Epic Games is releasing a new update for Fortnite. Concrete patch notes to the changes in Battle Royale mode, the developers do not betray. However, it is clear: With the latest update, the harpoon gun comes into play, which you can use for fishing, among other things. The weapon also deals 75 damage to enemies. In addition, players of Rette get the world new content. What is waiting for you, you will learn in the article.

Fortnite has a new update ready. Epic Games has released a new patch for the survival shooter without much notice. The developers did not publish detailed patch notes with the changes and innovations. However, one thing is certain: with the update, the harpoon pistol at Battle Royale comes into play. The weapon comes with several functions. So you use them, for example, for fishing. In addition, it deals 75 damage to your opponents. And: You can quickly attract adversaries with a harpoon gun.

For Save the World, however, there are more concrete patch notes. For example, the update includes the new order series Schlitzerwiese. Epic Games adds: “Pack the sunscreen and go on an adventure in the summer camp! Of course, the summer is over and somehow teeming with summer camp killers in Camp Dämmerwiese.” After the Fortnite update you will gain access to the scythe of the set Black Metal. The scythe causes moderate damage as well as heavy impact and has a whirlwind attack.

In addition, the discoverer Düsternis returns. Your default advantage is called phase withdrawal – phase changes through opponents heal 12 basic condition per opponent. The commander advantage phase disassembly + is the basic condition 36. From November 7, the Candy Corn LMG is also available in the weekly shop. In addition, the new Shadowfire package is available. The $ 29.99 expansion includes 13 items, including skins, liveries and accessories. Fortnite is available on PC, consoles and mobile devices and can get free accounts by visiting this free fortnite account generator website.

Where is the hidden R in Fortnite? Also, the new week of the current season holds fresh challenges and tasks ready. One of the missions: “Find the hidden R in the loading screen ‘Forged in Schlürfsaft'”. In order to make your search easier, you will learn in our tips the location of the hidden R in Fortnite. The little guide reveals where the hidden letter is on the map and in the loading screen.

Players of Fortnite are in search of the hidden R. Also in the current week of the young season , it is important to find a letter – to be able to form the word “Fortnite” at the end. One of the new challenges or tasks is: “Search the hidden R in the loading screen ‘Forged in Schlürfsaft'”. In order to receive the loading screen, it is important to complete eight of the current challenges successfully. Have you done that and the loading screen unlocked, you can go on the search for the location of the hidden R – Notes can be found in the loading screen. Who wants to search the R himself, can look at the loading screen in his locker in peace.

Tip: Look at the Slurp factory pictured on the Fortnite loading screen. To the right of the drain at the bottom of the screen you can make out the hidden R. Have you discovered the letter, you go on the map finally to the site. The search is quite simple. The big Slurp factory in the Slurpy Swamp spots her in the southwestern part of the map.

Fortnite: Find Hidden R – Location

Then look for the sewer pipe you see on the loading screen. It is located right in front of the factory. You can find it in the northeastern part of the building. Follow the sewage pipe and walk past the steel girders to finally find the hidden R in Fortnite. Help with the search also offers the following integrated video. In the clip you get more tips about the location of the hidden letter . Searches for the letters T, N, I, T and E are pending in the next few weeks. Keep an eye on our tips section.

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