Far too big pants, a not quite fresh-washed jacket: Tim Sweeney, the boss of Epic Games, one did not look at the game developer fair GDC 2019 that he has a few billion US dollar in the account. He would not care about that: At several events, he announced with his development studio news for the Unreal Engine, the Epic Games Store and the developer scene in general. The main reason for discussions in the community is that there will be more high-profile games exclusively in the Epic Games Store. These include the PC version of the role-playing game The Outer Worlds, on which Obsidian Entertainment is currently working, but also Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey by Panache Digital Games and The Cycle by Berlin developer Yager.

Another coup is that three Quantic Dream games released so far only for the PlayStation 4 will celebrate their PC debut exclusively at Epic. These are Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls and 2018 published Detroit Become Human; There are no concrete dates for the implementation. The collaboration with Ubisoft, begun with The Division 2, will be extended, so that further titles of the French publisher will not be available on Steam for the time being. Details of the deal are not available. Also check it out d&d beyond coupon code

For PC gamers, Epic Games has recently been unpopular with Metro Exodus because the action game is currently only available from Epic – and not on Steam anymore. The success did not hurt the success apparently: According to Sweeney Metro Exodus sold at Epic about 2.5 times as often as its predecessor Metro Last Light on Steam. However, Exodus has also been more heavily promoted – and is the better game ever. There are currently around 85 million registered customers in the Epic Games Store – a large part of which is likely to have an account because of Fortnite.

Not only does Sweeney and his team put their money into their pockets, but they also provide the developer community with financial resources. $ 100 million is expected to be available to game developers, media companies, and academics, with a maximum grant per project of $ 500,000. The projects should, but need not, be related to the Unreal Engine. They can be open source – and who likes, may sell his work exclusively on Steam, so at least the official announcement of the program called Epic Mega Grants.

Also, Sweeney made another area for investment: He is currently putting together a high-calibre team that will expand the Unreal Engine by a fundamentally new physics system in the next few years. A trailer with battles between robots has presented a veritable destruction orgy, but later the system called Unreal Chaos is supposed to do more. A first version should be available to developers in version 4.23 of the Unreal Engine, which should appear in the coming months.

The Unreal Engine is currently being extended with new features. Among other things, developers should be able to edit their code while the application based on it is executed in real time. Also, new or revised systems for animations, the representation of faces and raytracing, which is increasingly gaining in importance from the perspective of Epic Games. Developers can also download and use a collection of analysis tools free of charge to gather more accurate data about their number of players in different regions. The tool is initially available to players based on Windows, MacOS and Linux; later it will also support games on the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch, as well as iOS and Android.

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