What Is Summoners War? & Details About New Championship

The mobile tactics game Summoners War has over 70 million players. The secret of success is the tactical gameplay. In an arena, as a summoner, you battle an opponent and use combinations of various minion creatures. Each of these beings has different powers, each associated with an element. As with the good old stone-scissors paper, the right combination determines victory or defeat. Depending on how many times you win in the so-called sky-arena, you will rise in rank and can thus participate in tournaments.

Summoners War is a successful strategy RPG game for mobile devices. But soon there will be a mobile MMORPG to the colourful fun. The planned mobile MMO was presented with a new teaser at the Korean G-Star trade fair. In Summoners War, you’ll face opponents in the Sky Arena and defeat them with a combination of summoned monsters and minions. Each critter has certain qualities, strengths and weaknesses. According to the good old system “stone, scissors, paper (lizard, spock)” certain creatures can fight particularly well against other critters. This gameplay has been a great success so far, bringing in over 70 million players and over $ 500 million worldwide. There were also big tournaments and even world championships in this game, and here we are sharing Summoners War Promo Code for our readers.

Summoners War World Arena Championship

These tournaments are not just an end in themselves in Summoners War. Rather, there is a lot to gain, especially in the beginning of the biggest World Cup tournament Summoners War World Arena Championship. The world championship tournament starts with the regional pre-decision tournament on October in Paris in the theatre and cinema “La Comedia”. There the 16 best players from Europe meet and fight for participation in the big final tournament in the USA in November. Besides, there are decent prizes: A total of 5,000 US dollars waving to the winners of the preliminary round, the grand finale is a proud 50,000 US dollars massive.

Summoners with ambitions on competition honour and gold treasures beware! A few days ago, the mobile publisher Com2uS announced that it would create its own world championship for the Free2Play Mobile Game with the Summoners War World Arena Championship. Players around the world can compete in big tournaments in a total of nine cities in Europe, Asia and America to nail their ticket to the final in America in November. In addition to the competitions at the nine locations, there is also an online qualifier for the Middle East, Latin America and Australia.

Participation is worthwhile, because even before the final, in the $ 50,000 prize money waving, are already another $ 50,000 for the preliminary decisions in the prize pool. Also, all players who sign up for the tournament will receive an in-game reward. Anyone attending the Summoners War World Arena Championship can do so on the official site of the tournament .

The date for Europe stands

Now the date and place for the qualifier for Europe are fixed: on October 7, the 16 best European players will meet in the “La Comedia” in Paris to fight for the grand finale in November. The Free2Play Mobile game relies on tactical Arena fights with groups of minions. Their elements decisively determine victory and defeat, depending on the nature of the enemy. Mastering the stone-scissors-paper principle makes a good summoner. In the so-called »Sky Arena«, players compete against each other to rise to the rank of importance for the tournament.

The mobile game Summoners War lets you play exciting tactical arena battles on the principle of stone-scissors paper. There is even a World Cup called “Summoners War World Arena Championship 2017” where there is a lot of money to win. But what is it about Summoners War?

The Modist Secured Investments From Farfetch And Bulgari

The online retailer for Modest Fashion The Modist has received strategic investments from Farfetch and Annabel Investment Holding, the private equity firm of Nicola Bulgari, Vice President of the jeweller Bulgari Group. The reinvestment took place one year after The Modist secured $ 15 million (approximately $ 13.3 million) in a round of financing led by Vaultier7 and a team of Net-a-Porter veterans. “I could not be more proud of announcing our latest investors. Farfetch and Mr. Nicola Bulgari (Deputy Chairman of the Bulgari Group), who join our existing investor group, are a proud moment and a tremendous vote of confidence in The Modist and what my team and I have built in a short time. ” Founder and CEO Ghizlan Guenez said on her Instagram page.

The Modist has been offering exclusive styles on the Farfetch marketplace since September, when the two companies signed a global partnership agreement ahead of Farfetch’s IPO. At that time, Farfetch CEO José Neves said that the Middle East was “a big gap” in the company’s strategy, so they decided to work with the Modest Fashion dealer. Seventy percent of Middle Eastern consumers said they had increased spending over the last five years, compared with 53 percent in the US, Europe and Japan, according to a recent report by the Deloitte consulting firm on the global luxury goods market.

In fact, Farfetch looks to invest or acquire in emerging companies to expand in promising markets. The UK ecommerce powerhouse bought the streetwear marketplace Stadium Goods for $ 250 million in December, just months after it took over the Chinese digital marketing agency CuriosityChina for an undisclosed amount.

Why are companies like Farfetch and Vaultier7 investing in The Modist?

If you think that investing in companies like The Modist is just one way to engage affluent consumers in the Middle East, you’re wrong. In the Western countries, too, sales of Modest Fashion luxury fashion are growing rapidly: The US and the United Kingdom currently contribute 45 percent to The Modist’s sales. Fashion houses in these two regions have increased their range of must fashion items since 2017, according to retail analytics company Edited by 15 percent. It’s easy to understand why: The term “modest fashion” gets 8,000 Google searches every month in the US alone.

Much of this growth is being driven by Muslim consumers: A recent report by Thomson Reuters Global predicts that spending by Muslim consumers will rise to $ 2.6 trillion by 2020, with fashion among the strongest sectors. But not only religion is the reason why modest fashion is on the rise. Edited associates the increase in retailers’ Modest Fashion range with the #MeToo movement.

According to Edited, consumers reinterpret modest fashion. The more women question the idea that fashion is a way to look sexually attractive and instead put comfort first, the more likely they are to buy loose-fitting, longer silhouettes and unobtrusive cutouts.

Who are the consumers of Modest Fashion?

Luxury brands are pioneering the Modest Fashion movement, which explains why The Modist focuses on this segment. Long silhouettes and headscarves have been featured in recent campaigns by Gucci, Kenzo and Burberry, while in 2016 Dolce & Gabbana even launched a series of Hijabs and Abayas. The US luxury market saw a 50% increase in long sleeve Blouse Models with a high neckline compared to last year, compared to an increase of 13% in the mass market, as confirmed by Edited. In Great Britain, growth was even more pronounced at 15 percent.

Even in the luxury segment, the seams are back: midi skirts make up an amazing 53 percent of the entire rock range, with Gucci, Marni, Tibi and Jil Sander leading the way. Maxi skirts still make up the smallest percentage of the market in both the US and the UK, but there are signs that some consumers no longer see them as too obscure: the silhouette has gone up in the luxury market by 67 percent and on the Mass market gained 55 percent in popularity. Retailers who wish to take advantage of an unused opportunity are encouraged by Edited to invest in modest sports and swimwear. Nike launched a “Pro Hijab” in 2017 and still has almost no competition in the field.

The demand for Modest Fashion is growing, but there is still controversy

However, serving the Muslim market may cause some controversy in some parts of the world. The sports retailer Decathlon had to give up last month on the introduction of a sports hijab in France, as the announcement caused a huge outcry. Even celebrities and politicians went into social media to argue that hijabs in French society should not be normalized, believing that they symbolized the subjection of women to men. Aurore Bergé, spokeswoman for President La République en Marche of President Emmanuel Macron, called for a boycott of the Decathlon and said: “My choice as a woman and a citizen will be to no longer rely on a brand that breaks away from our values.” ,

100 Million Dollars For Developers By Epic Games

Far too big pants, a not quite fresh-washed jacket: Tim Sweeney, the boss of Epic Games, one did not look at the game developer fair GDC 2019 that he has a few billion US dollar in the account. He would not care about that: At several events, he announced with his development studio news for the Unreal Engine, the Epic Games Store and the developer scene in general. The main reason for discussions in the community is that there will be more high-profile games exclusively in the Epic Games Store. These include the PC version of the role-playing game The Outer Worlds, on which Obsidian Entertainment is currently working, but also Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey by Panache Digital Games and The Cycle by Berlin developer Yager.

Another coup is that three Quantic Dream games released so far only for the PlayStation 4 will celebrate their PC debut exclusively at Epic. These are Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls and 2018 published Detroit Become Human; There are no concrete dates for the implementation. The collaboration with Ubisoft, begun with The Division 2, will be extended, so that further titles of the French publisher will not be available on Steam for the time being. Details of the deal are not available. Also check it out d&d beyond coupon code

For PC gamers, Epic Games has recently been unpopular with Metro Exodus because the action game is currently only available from Epic – and not on Steam anymore. The success did not hurt the success apparently: According to Sweeney Metro Exodus sold at Epic about 2.5 times as often as its predecessor Metro Last Light on Steam. However, Exodus has also been more heavily promoted – and is the better game ever. There are currently around 85 million registered customers in the Epic Games Store – a large part of which is likely to have an account because of Fortnite.

Not only does Sweeney and his team put their money into their pockets, but they also provide the developer community with financial resources. $ 100 million is expected to be available to game developers, media companies, and academics, with a maximum grant per project of $ 500,000. The projects should, but need not, be related to the Unreal Engine. They can be open source – and who likes, may sell his work exclusively on Steam, so at least the official announcement of the program called Epic Mega Grants.

Also, Sweeney made another area for investment: He is currently putting together a high-calibre team that will expand the Unreal Engine by a fundamentally new physics system in the next few years. A trailer with battles between robots has presented a veritable destruction orgy, but later the system called Unreal Chaos is supposed to do more. A first version should be available to developers in version 4.23 of the Unreal Engine, which should appear in the coming months.

The Unreal Engine is currently being extended with new features. Among other things, developers should be able to edit their code while the application based on it is executed in real time. Also, new or revised systems for animations, the representation of faces and raytracing, which is increasingly gaining in importance from the perspective of Epic Games. Developers can also download and use a collection of analysis tools free of charge to gather more accurate data about their number of players in different regions. The tool is initially available to players based on Windows, MacOS and Linux; later it will also support games on the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch, as well as iOS and Android.

Biolife Plasma Services Review

Today, we are going to scoop out Biolife Plasma Services through a detailed review. Hope you guys going to enjoy reading this!

So What Is Biolife Plasma All About ?

Biolife Plasma Services helps the patient who is suffering from diseases like haemophilia, skin burns and other fatal immunity disorders. They help patients by offering blood plasma services during their treatment to save their life from deadly diseases by curing them beforehand.

The Process is very simple, plasma is extracted from the human body as it can’t be prepared artificially and the donor who donates plasma to the other patient in order to save his life also get Biolife Plasma coupons along with some compensation at the time of making plasma donation to the needy patient.

However, before donating plasma or becoming a plasma donor, one should be familiar with what Plasma is and how it is used to save someone’s life.

Donating plasma is safe, easy and surprisingly quick to do these days as well it is a great opportunity to receive compensation in the form of Biolife coupons also to meet your other personal requirements at the same time. The plasma that you donate at Bio life is manufactured into therapies that are used to cure millions of patients around the world.

Biolife plasma services also offer some additional perks to the plasma donors who visit their premise to donate plasma to the patients like they get free Wi-Fi, a nice and supervised playroom for their children to play. Their goal is to offer a quick and relaxing experience for the donor.

What Does Biolife Plasma Services offer?

biolife plasma

It offers the following:

1) Biolife Plasma Services is committed to safety as they offer superior service while ensuring the total safety of plasma donors and the patients as well who receives plasma to save their life.

2) Bio Life Plasma Services is part of the Shire, which is the leading global biotechnology company and is focussed on saving the lives of those people who are affected by some deadly disease which are hard to cure.

3) They have a shared mission to deliver outstanding therapies to the millions of people who suffer from rare diseases and other immune disorders.


Biolife Plasma Services is a pioneer in obtaining and processing supreme quality plasma that is processed into life-saving plasma-based therapies.

Also read: Benefits of Steroids if you are interested.

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Lets make together a step closer! Cheers!

Women’s Day Is The Story Of Ordinary Women Who Made History

International Women’s Day stands for the long struggle of women for equal participation in a just society. If women once demanded the right to vote or decent working conditions for factory workers, half of the posts are now required for women and men in politics and business. The demand of the first hour for “equal pay for equal work” is still not satisfactorily implemented. When women from all continents – often separated by national boundaries or ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic and political differences – come together to celebrate their day, they can look back on a tradition that has spanned at least nine decades of the fight for equality, justice, Peace and development means.

International Women’s Day is the story of ordinary women who made history: it is rooted in the millennia-old struggle of women for equal participation in society. In ancient Greece, Lysistrata called for a sexual strike against the men to end a war; During the French Revolution, Parisian women marched to Versailles demanding women’s suffrage under the motto “freedom, equality, brotherhood.” Here we have found some really good Women’s Day Quotes, you can use it for the coming Women’s Day.

Creation of International Women’s Day

The idea of International Women’s Day was born for the first time around the turn of the last century, as the industrialized world expanded, unrest prevailed, the population grew rapidly, and radical ideologies emerged. By a Declaration of the Socialist Party of America, the first National Women’s Day was celebrated on February 28, 1909, in the United States.

At the request of German socialists Clara Zetkin and Käte Duncker, the meeting of the Socialist Women’s International in Copenhagen in 1910 fixed a Women’s Day in honour of the Movement for Women’s Rights and to assist in the attainment of universal women’s suffrage. The proposal was unanimously welcomed by the Conference of over 100 women from 17 countries, including the first three women elected to the Finnish Parliament. There have not yet been a fixed date for the celebration of the day.

“Out with the women’s suffrage!”

As a result of the Copenhagen resolution of 1910, 1911 International Women’s Day was first held on 19 March in Austria-Hungary, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland, where more than one million women and men participated in marches. “Hundreds of events”, wrote the “Arbeiterinnen-Zeitung” were held throughout Austria, about 20,000 socialist women demonstrated on the Ringstrasse and called “Out with the women’s suffrage!” The choice of this date should underline the revolutionary nature of Women’s Day, because March 18 was the memorial day for the fallen in Berlin during the Revolution of 1848 and the Paris Commune had begun in March (March 18 to May 28, 1871).

In the following years, on women’s day, which took place mostly on changing dates in March or April, millions of women worldwide took part in demonstrations, rallies and actions.

There are various theories and interpretations about the origins of International Women’s Day on March 8th.

According to some sources, the exact date goes back to March 8, 1857, when textile workers in New York went on strike. Other sources refer to March 8, 1908, as the day the workers of the Cotton mill in New York went on strike to demand better living and working conditions. The factory owners and supervisors included the women in the factory to prevent contact and solidarity with other workforces. When suddenly a fire broke out, 129 workers died in the flames. Other sources mention that the date of 8 March also commemorated the large textile workers strike in St. Petersburg, which spread to other sectors and triggered a major workers’ rally. These fights took place on the occasion of the women’s day on 8. From now on, this date should have international significance for the interests and the struggle of all exploited and oppressed women. To summarize, the roots of International Women’s Day are in the tradition of proletarian women’s struggles.

Super Smash Flash 2 Donkey Kong Guide

Super Smash Flash 2 is a classic game and has many more characters in his battle. it is considered as one of the biggest game that ever never getting bored and it is also still be worked on today. This game has the option playing against the computer and playing against your friend on the same computer. The most and ultimate matter in the super smash flash 2 unblocked game is that the characters. Super Smash Flash 2 Donkey Kong is characterized with the image of monkey and his heavy weight and his large size. He was the most in danger character in the game.

He stands up continuously in the smash game with his heavy weight. He has the capacity of getting percentage in the blink of his own eyes if anyone’s came near and get clumsy with his grasp. He is known for his greatest strength and long reach. He is having the ability of jumping even he carried heavy weights.

Donkey Kong makes use of his full strength, pulled his arms anyone stands before him and get a damage point of about (19-20%). when he slamming down the arms means it will get invisible and get a damage point of about (14-18%). while, he claps his hand and raise above his head marks the enemy and attacked them and earned for this (18%). if he gives strong and hard punch means getting of grade is (2-4%).

Donkey Kong has the special moves like Giant punch, Spinning Kong, Head butt, Hand slap and Ok punch. These are the punches that will help the donkey Kong to perform and possible of getting the damage percentage marks by hitting the enemies.

The first special move Giant Punch explains his crushing fist. Donkey Kong will enable his punches to the style of blinking his eyes to the enemies, to charge a powerful punch. At the spin of 10, the punch will be more charged and the hit gets in a massive changes.

The second special move is Spinning Kong which spins around like a helicopter, and damage any restrictions that in his way. It is called as the moderate move, but it has been hitted on the opponents the points will increased. The third option is the Head butt, this is the best move that the donkey kong had. Using the heads the Donkey Kong hits the opposite enemy and gets more grade points.

Analogue Introduces New Mega-drive Console

After the Analogue Nt and the Super Nt Analogue brings out a new FPGA-based Sega console: The Mega Sg can play Megadrive and Master System games and extrapolate to 1080p, even a Mega CD can be connected. Thanks to adapters, even games from older Sega consoles are running on the device.

Analogue has introduced the Mega Sg, a new game console that can play games of the Sega Mega Drive. Unlike the currently popular mini-consoles, which for example publishes Nintendo from its consoles, the Mega Sg is based on a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), an IC. Used is a Cyclone V from Altera.

The Mega Sg has no built-in games, but mimics the function of the original console. Accordingly, users can use their old mega-drive games with the device. In addition, Analogue adds an adapter for the master system; additional adapters for the Mark II, Game Gear, Sega MyCard, SG-100 and SC-3000 should be available separately.

In addition, users can use their old gamepads with the Mega Sg. On the back of the device has a flap, behind which is a connection for a mega CD. The Mega CD was a separately available CD-ROM drive for the Mega Drive. Thanks to the FPGA, this hardware should also be easy to use with the Mega Sg.

The Mega Sg has an HDMI output and scales the picture to 1080p. The upscaling should be free of lags thanks to the FPGA. Among the features of the upscaler include the maintenance of the image format, various possible resolutions and scanlines. The Mega Sg has no regional restrictions and can play all games. There is also a separate wireless controller developed by Analogue in cooperation with 8BitDo. The Mega Sg itself is not a controller.

The Mega SG is available in four color options: USA in black with red accents, JPN in black with blue accents, EUR in black with gray accents and White completely in white. The console costs 190 US dollars, it should be delivered from April 2019. Of Analogue, there are, inter alia, the Super Nt , which can play SNES games. We have already thoroughly tested the predecessor console, the Super Nt . We assume that the systems will have a lot in common.

Benefits of Steroids

Legal steroids only use natural ingredients and also plant ingredients, but are furthermore just as effective as employing illegal anabolic type anabolic steroids. They are a significantly safer means for athletes in addition to bodybuilders to cut backrest times but also boosting their exercise performance as well as stamina. There are so many 100 % legal steroids saturating the market recently, Claiming to be that solution steroid formula destined to be successful, BUT most are substandard and do not actually aid in any way in addition to increasing your calories.

In this set of the best several legal anabolic steroid reviews available for 2015/16 you will find tried and tested legal given that increase mass, endurance and classification both as well as effectively making the most of your work out results for the better! Below is 4 from the top legal steroids to get 2015/16 that will WORK based on comments from customers and materials.

Crazy Bulk

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CrazyBulk’s legitimate steroids usually are formulated and made in the United States while using highest quality, purest, pharmaceutical quality components, letting you achieve quick gains with zero side-effects, and no medical prescriptions by any means. It works like magic,!
If you want to enhance your own workout functionality, build mass and increase your physique, then it may be the perfect time to throw away people illegal anabolic steroids which might be harming your overall health, and set your own personal sights about legal steroid alternatives that are completely authorized and extremely dependable. Let’s take a look at the top 5 various legal steroid drugs to build muscles for 2016/17.

manandwoman six pack abs

Our task is to give to you the best natural steroids in existence that can help an individual reach your current bodybuilding targets. One of the most common reasons that individuals look to buy the best muscle mass building supplements would be to build muscle. Nevertheless, not all legal bodybuilding anabolic steroids are as well. Some online businesses are better than others, and even specific models have to be distinguished. Therefore, it is your choice to know what exactly are steroids as well as which are the ideal ones that can assist you to satisfy your needs. When it comes to building muscles, we have to make a designated list of the top some legal steroid drugs out there while using exact objective!


Legal steroids exclusively use natural ingredients in addition to plant components but are in addition just as successful as using illegal anabolic type steroid drugs. They are a way safer method for athletes and also bodybuilders to lower rest occasions but also improving their work outperformance in addition to stamina. Their particular are so many legal steroids saturating the market recently, Claiming to be that secret steroid method destined to be successful, BUT most are usually substandard and don’t actually help out with any way apart from increasing your calorie intake. In this list of the best some legal anabolic steroid reviews available for 2015/16 you will find thoroughly tested legal given that improve mass, stamina, and classification both as well as effectively maximizing your work out results for the better! Below is 4 in the top lawful steroids with regard to 2015/16 that it will work based on comments from customers and elements.